your body is the key to awakening


quantum energetics + embodiment with kat beck

Many mystics experience a distortion of our sexual (creative) energy + our voice (they are connected). Trauma, programming, and difficult experiences disconnect us from our body, which stifles our ability to feel safe, speak our truth, and trust our intuition. This can create an energetic hole, leaving you feeling stuck, scattered and anxious.

Quantum energy + embodiment work releases stuck emotions, reveals unconscious programming, reconnects you to your body, balances your energy, and restores the organic blueprint of your lightbody.

Embodied mystics is here to help you embrace your body and express your authentic truth. You've been digging in, doing the work, and feel ready to truly expand. You feel called to guide others on their journey and know that when you embody your true essence, you are a beacon of light for others awakening (grounded growth). 

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