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As an awakening being, I know you often feel drained from taking on others energy. It's exhausting trying to fit in when you are different. You may feel misunderstood + often doubt your incredible intuition. You may feel disconnected from your body from years of patriarchal programming + perfectionism. As a light leader, you know you have a mission + you're ready to show up + serve.


I am here to help you get empowered + embody your truth, so you can awaken others. You are on this website for a reason. 

Meditating on Beach

Kat Beck is an energy + embodiment coach, intuitive, 500RYT + LMT.  After spending decades disconnected from her body (trauma, diet pills + counting calories), struggling with perfectionism (hello control issues), + hating her corporate office career (not listening to intuition),  she set out on a journey of self-healing.  Kat found her truth through the tools + modalities she uses to guide others reclaim their power + get embodied. She knows the the work to awaken the collective, starts with the individual. When we free ourselves first, we can truly liberate others. 


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