embrace your body to reconnect with your spirit


spiritual + somatic work to get energetically empowered + embrace your body, so we can be the change together. 

Light leaders are here to shift us into a balanced society; a world where humans are thriving as a community instead of surviving separately. We currently live in a world that bombards us with programming meant to disconnect us from our body, soul, and each other.

You incarnated to create the change within so you can be a beacon of light for your community. It begins with you. It starts by getting energetically empowered + embracing your body, so you can be the change you wish to see. 

Many light leaders experience a distortion of our sacred sexual (creative) energy. This can come from religious programming, sexual assault, body shaming, and difficulties with pregnancy or birth. These difficult experiences disconnect us from our womb, which stifles our ability to feel safe in our body, speak our truth, and trust our intuition. This disconnect can create an energetic hole leaving you feeling scattered and anxious at times, especially when it comes to your body and intuition.

Spiritual + somatic work gives you the experience of true embodiment and spiritual connection. In our virtual studio, EMBODIED MYSTICS, you will learn the tools to regulate your emotions, balance your energy, understand your intuition, and embrace your body. 

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