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Kat Beck is an Intuitive Guide, Empowerment Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, and 500-hr Registered Yoga Teacher. She has taught mindfulness, meditation, and yoga in studios, community centers and corporate offices  since 2014.   After spending decades disconnected from her body,  struggling with perfectionism, and hating the career path she found herself in out of college, she found herself again through the tools and modalities that helped her truly accept herself, find presence, and create the life of her dreams. Kat seamlessly integrates intuitive coaching, breath-work, yoga, meditation, energy medicine, and energy work. She is passionate about helping you unplug from the programming that unconsciously runs your life, awakening your intuitive abilities, and  guiding you to create a beautiful life. Why? Well, when you are living from your passions, your purpose is apparent. When you decide that you really do deserve to have everything you dream of, you are able to truly serve others. When we are serving, we find deep satisfaction. When we are fulfilled, we are healing the collective.