EMBODIMENT COACHING is a 1:1 ten week healing + coaching journey for women who feel stuck, sexually disconnected, and frustrated with how it's effecting their sex life.  This program is for recovering people-pleasers who have a deep desire to be of service to others, but feel too drained by their super sensitive nature. You know you are here for a reason and are ready to uncover your truth + embody your higher self.

If you're sexually disconnected from yourself, you aren't going to be able to truly connect with a partner.  Maybe you avoid intimate relationships altogether. Maybe you never feel "in the mood."  If so,  I bet you are blaming yourself. You aren't the problem, love. The issue is trapped in your tissues.


Maybe find yourself disassociating during sex with your partner? If so, I bet you feel disconnected from your partner and are questioning what is wrong with them. You are likely projecting your pain onto the one person you actually feel safe with.  

When our sacral chakra (center of sex and creativity) is blocked due to programming or trauma, our creativity also gets stifled. This could lead to you feeling stuck in a career you loathe or blocked creatively in a career you love.

The reason you have fear to come out of the spiritual closet is because you were killed for it in past lives. The reason you're unable to totally trust your intuition is because of patriarchal programming.

In this program, you will learn all of my energy + embodiment methods I used to heal + free myself.  I'll teach you ALL about your energy body and how to tap into your intuitive MAGICK (how to really manifest).


I intuitively read your energy to get right down to the emotional patterns that are blocking you. I can also see your past lives that are causing you to stay in a survival mode in this lifetime and help you heal on a quantum level.


This isn't your normal coaching program, as I channel your cosmic self to deliver messages that your soul is sending you. 

EMBODIMENT COACHING is a commitment to your transformation and a signal to the universe that you are READY to bring your dreams into reality. We will meet weekly for ten 90 minute healing + coaching sessions. You will receive a weekly ritual as well as email support. This coaching program will expand your consciousness, confidence + creativity.

Ready to feel FREE in your body,  ENJOY sex , LOVE your work + AMPLIFY your intuition?

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Here are some amazing EMBODIMENT COACHING experiences:

"Working with Kat was like stepping into a portal. I feel like a completely different purpose since working with her (in a good way). I can't go back to my old way of living, and I would never want to. My intuitive gifts really came online and Kat helped me work with my physical embodiment practices to stay grounded as my conciousness level was expanding. It felt like moving beyond dimensions, where space and time didn't exist. It was such a great adventure, and I've since integrated these feelings after working with Kat so that I feel more grounded in this new way of being and living. And it feels SO empowering to live and operate in this new truth! During each session Kat also took the time to coach me on what was currently going on in my life as I integrated each week - having that conscious discussion was so helpful for me. She mentored me through some growing pains and challenges with my corporate job and stepping into my more authentic self."

"My confidence has blossomed and strengthened. I used to feel very insecure in who I was because the things that interest me were labeled negatively. But now I don't worry about what other people think of my interests, because I recognize myself and see the value in following and sharing my interests. I feel confident in owning who I am, and the things that used to scare me about being seen are no longer there. I have moved past so many fears since working with Kat."

"My creativity is so fluid and powerful. When I first started working with Kat, my creativity was LOUD and non-stop. It was like a dam had been lifted, and Kat coached me on ways to honor this new flow and also stay grounded. Since working with her, I trust that my creative ideas are never going to leave me, and I can trust the flow that I experience. I trust that the right ideas will come to me at the right time, and that I will know which ideas to follow through on. And I also trust that my ideas and inspiration come to me for a reason to serve a greater purpose in sharing."

"I feel so much more confident about working with energy healing & intuitive healing methods. Kat was so generous in sharing her methods, and I still incorporate the things she taught me. It was fun to learn from her and study the different elements of energy work & our energetic bodies and then get to practice them. My whole awareness of and relationship to energy has deepened, which has been so helpful in my own practices with clients."

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