EMBODIED GODDESS is a 1:1 ten week healing + coaching journey for empathic women who feel frustrated and stuck in their sex life and/or career due to sexual trauma. This program is for recovering perfectionist and people-pleasers who have a deep desire to be of service to others, but feel too drained by their super sensitive nature.

Do you find yourself disassociating during sex with your partner? Maybe you never feel "in the mood." If so, I bet you feel disconnected from your partner and are questioning what is wrong with them. Well my love, the issue begins with the trauma in your tissues. You are likely projecting your pain from horrible past experiences onto the one person you actually feel safe with. The reason you're stuck sexually is because your body is holding onto trauma in your tissues.

When our sacral chakra (center of sex and creativity) is blocked due to trauma, our creativity also gets stifled. This could lead to you feeling stuck in a career you loathe or blocked creatively in a career you love.

The reason you have fear to come out of the spiritual closet is because you were killed for it in past lives. The reason you're unable to totally trust your intuition is because of patriarchal programming.

In EMBODIED GODDESS, you will learn all of my energy + embodiment methods I used to heal from the sexual trauma I experienced. I'll teach you ALL about your energy body and how to tap into your intuitive MAGICK.


I intuitively read your energy to get right down to the emotional patterns that are blocking you. I can also see your past lives that are causing you to stay in a survival mode in this lifetime and help you heal on a quantum level.


This isn't your normal coaching program, as I channel your higher self to deliver messages that your soul is sending you. 

EMBODIED GODDESS is a commitment to your transformation and a signal to the universe that you are READY to manifest your dreams into reality. We will meet weekly for ten 90 minute healing + coaching sessions. You will receive a weekly ritual as well as email support from me, your guide. This coaching program will expand your consciousness, confidence + creativity.

If you're ready to feel FREE in your body, to ENJOY sex  with your partner, to LOVE the work you do, and to AWAKEN your intuition, then you are READY to become an EMBODIED GODDESS. Let's chat to see if you're a good fit for this journey. 

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