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I intuitively flow during my massage therapy sessions. I combine Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue, cupping + meridian massage so that your body gets what it needs to melt tension and stress, and bring balance back. Energy medicine is a combination of sound therapy, crystal healing, plant medicine, breath-work + guided visualization. 


Book a combo session for the ultimate experience of relaxation + alignment.

[energy reading, holistic healing + intuitive coaching session]

Are you trying to think your way through things and doubting your intuition? Are you feeling drained from taking on other's energy? Are you overwhelmed with life and feeling burnt out? Is something within saying "there has got to be more than this!"?


Well love, there is more to life than this. Balance is not as far fetched as it seems. Inner Peace is your birthright. I'm here to guide you to a state of EMPOWERMENT. I intuitively read your chakras (you'll get a written chakra assessment to take home), clear  the energy patterns that aren't serving you + infuse your aura with healing lightcodes.  I channel  your higher self + spirit team to assist you as you step into your truth. 

Schedule your Radiance Ritual to:

drop the doubt + trust yourself

find balance, not burnout  

create success from the inside out


While you lay down, I guide you into a deep state of total relaxation with guided visualization and breath-work. As you experience the ULTIMATE SAVASANA,  I do a  lightcode infusion, my method of energy healing; I clear out patterns that are no longer serving you and infuse healing colors (lightcodes for awakening) into your aura. 


After your energy body is addressed and your mind is totally at ease, we will discuss your energy reading, an assessment of your chakras, Chinese elements + healing colors used in your lightcode infusion. My intuitive coaching integrates deep discussion with intuitive insights and channeled guidance to give you a balanced coaching approach that leaves you feeling at peace on your path.


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