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I intuitively flow during my massage therapy sessions. I combine Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue, cupping + meridian massage so that your body gets what it needs to melt tension and stress, and bring balance back. Energy medicine is a combination of sound therapy, crystal healing, plant medicine, breath-work + guided visualization. 


Book a combo session for the ultimate experience of relaxation + alignment.

[energy healing, sound therapy + intuitive reading of chakras + past lives]


As a highly sensitive magical being, I know you often feel drained from taking on others energy and from holding back your emotional expression. It can be exhausting trying to fit in and please everyone. You may feel misunderstood and often doubt your incredible intuition. You may feel stuck in survival mode from traumatic experiences from this incarnation, or a past life. You KNOW you are here to fulfill something HUGE.  You have a deep desire to serve and help awaken humanity. 


A RADIANCE READING will clear your energy + calm your nervous system so you can release the past + remember your RADIANCE.


I read your energy patterns (chakras) + explore past lives (in your akashic records) to heal trauma so you can embody your higher self. In-person sessions are available in Greenville, SC. You can read about my holistic methods + modalities here.





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