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Your vibe in a piece of art. I'll create an IG portrait size piece of ART with your EARTH MEDICINE surrounding  you. This art helps you to remember the GODDESS you truly are. 


I'll need you to DM me (@katbeck on IG) a good quality picture of you feeling powerful, peaceful or playful. Headshots or half body shots with your full head in the frame, please. Professional pics take it to the next level, naturally. 


Your earth medicine is all about what you use or resonate with. Please respond in notes with the following info (you don't need EVERY category, this is just a list of ideas).


  • crystals/shells/fossils (what do you collect?)
  • plants (lots of greenery for an earthy vibe)
  • flowers (lots for that divine feminine vibe)
  • essential oil (not blends)
  • herbs/mushrooms (things you use regularly) 
  • animal/insect (if one speaks to your heart)
  • triangle/circle for sacred geometry OR choose the moon 
  • choose trees OR the sea OR the mountains OR the sky (this gives me an idea of your elemental vibe)



Please note: I may not use ALL of your EARTH MEDICINE. Let me know which element you definitely want me to include. I would appreciate you tagging me (@katbeck) if you choose to share your #GODDESSCOLLAGEART. Commissions may take 2 days or 2 weeks. I'll keep in touch with the status of your art.