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Are you ready to release what is holding you back from reaching your potential, living grounded in your purpose, and feeling passionate about life? I am here to help you remember your RADIANCE so that you step into a state of  clarity, confidence, + calm.  If you're waking up and feeling like you need an energetic adjustment, this ritual will help you experience soul alignment  that will accelerate your ascension process. 

60 minute Radiance Rituals will begin with a channeled guided meditation. I will guide you into a DEEEEEP state of total relaxation. While you experience the ULTIMATE SAVASANA, I do a  lightcode infusion;  a method of energy work that I have channeled which involves a two part process; the release and the realignment. During the release, I cut cords of attachment that are hindering you, clear the disturbing effects of people, places and situations you’ve experienced, remove blockages within your meridians (the highways of energy used in acupuncture), and balance any excessive energy or stagnancy in your chakras. During the realignment to your divine design, I work with a spectrum of healing colors that I weave into your aura and body.  I infuse these lightcodes with my intuition and hands. My clients report having visions, other worldly experiences, feeling a deep sense of peace, seeing colors swirling around them, and report receiving downloads of divine information. 

During your intuitive coaching session, we will work together to break through the limiting beliefs, programs + patterns holding you back from taking aligned action towards making your dreams a reality. This intuitive coaching also includes an energy report (chakras, Chinese elements + healing colors), higher self channeled guidance, and a card drawing. I combine deep discussion with intuitive insights to give you a balanced coaching approach that leaves you feeling at peace on your path. 

During a virtual session, we will meet on the mat on screen from the comfort of your home for this deep healing session. I recommend finding a safe, quiet, and comfortable space in your home  to set up a yoga mat for your session. You need to be able to lay down flat on your back, so having pillows, blankets + socks to keep cozy while you receive the lightcode infusion is ideal. 

RADIANCE RITUAL (1 hour virtual energy reading, healing + coaching session)