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This remote session doesn't require us to schedule a time to meet, as energy works on the quantum level, beyond the concepts of time and distance. I use the power of pure intention (prayer) and my intuitive abilities to initiate this healing session.


Energy clearings remove the energy you pick up from unprocessed emotions, events, your environment, and other people.  An  Energy Reading is an intuitive assessment of your current energy patterns. I tap into your chakras, energy centers that run along your spine, the five elements of Chinese Medicine as they correspond to the highways of energy (meridians) that run throughout your body, and healing colors for your lightcode infusion.  I am able to see what is out of balance energetically, give you the tools to bring balance back, and leave you feeling empowered and aligned.


I send this info as an energy report: chakras + Chinese elemental analysis, healing colors, and insights I receive from your higher self to guide you in your healing journey within one week of purchase. 


These treatments do not require an online or in-person consultation. I will complete the healing within one week of purchase and contact you by email when it is complete. All this requires of you is trust, and I thank you for that.